Outreach Programmes

We have been working throughout the years to build relationships with community groups, disability action groups, churches, charities and education providers to raise awareness about the Belfast International Tattoo and it’s yearly projects.

Going forward, we hope to be organising a series of musical workshops and masterclasses and liaising with appropriate community groups and musicians to attend where they might raise their skill levels by taking part, encourage membership of their own groups through networking opportunities provided by the event and to learn more about their own history / musical instrument.

More information on these workshops will become available throughout the year.


Should funding be made available through grant facilitation we will provide a series of buses which will transport members of community groups, residential homes etc who may not have alternatively had transport to and from the events.

Ticketing for youth groups

The Belfast International Tattoo provides a series of discounted youth group tickets to encourage attendance from those involved in youth development and their members to attend.   We hope this will remove some of the barriers that these groups may be experiencing in attending events of this nature and will provide an opportunity for youths of Northern Ireland to attend and be inspired by the young, talented people who are taking part in the show, hopefully encouraging them to participate and strive for their own goals.

Ongoing Projects

We always have something in the pipeline, although last year’s pandemic has dampened the efforts in a face to face context, we have been working hard behind the scenes to build the bridges and relationships that we believe will help the Tattoo move forward and to develop the next generation of musicians.  Keep an eye on the website for more information as it happens.