Sons of Scotland Pipe Band, Ottawa, Canada

Sons of Scotland Pipe Band

Canada’s oldest Civilian Pipe Band, founded in 1896.  They are the first Pipe Band to be heard in the Nation’s capital on Burns night, January 25,1896.

Under the direction of Pipe Major Bethany Bisaillion, the Sons of Scotland compete at the Grade 5 level and perform in some 50 concerts and parades throughout the year.

The Sons of Scotland Pipe Band were first heard in Ottawa, Canada on January 25, 1896, and have continued to support the mandate of providing free instruction to anyone wishing to learn the pipe band drums and encouraging members to share their talents in their community.  The band has a strong concert, contest and trip profile, and love being in Belfast again – they helped mark the 100th anniversary of City Hall in 2010 with a show and reception.  Being here is a great honour, and we are thankful for the invitation from their great friend, Drum Major Brian Wilson.  The world is made small and lovely with the music heard in the show, and the Sons of Scotland are proud representatives of their country and this music. 

Glengarry Pipe Band, Ontario, Canada

The Glengarry Pipe Band is based in Maxville Ontario Canada, home of the North American Pipe Band Championships.
The Band was formed in early 1961 under PM Gordon Kippen and has operated continuously since that time. The original purpose of the band was to provide a local host band for the Glengarry Highland Games in Maxville, Ontario, and the band has proudly maintained its close relationship with the Highland Games ever since.
The Glengarry Pipe Band can be seen competing in Canada, The United States, and overseas as well as performing at local charitable events, community functions, and parades throughout Eastern Ontario and Ottawa. We strive to accomplish the best in music and to foster a friendly competitive spirit and community involvement in our youth.
The Glengarry Pipe Band Organization consists of a Gr. 3, Gr. 4 and a Juvenile Band and sponsored by the Glengarry Highland Games.

Dunfermline District (RBL Scot) Pipes and Drums

Dunfermline District (RBL Scot) Pipes and Drums has in its various guises been in existence since the 1890s.
The member led band provides tuition in piping and playing the drums free of charge and the band is a registered Scottish Charity (SC025322).
The band have a busy calendar supporting local Gala’s and community events, weddings, funerals, sporting events, charity events, corporate events and shows.
The past few years has seen the band perform with the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, Dougie Maclean, Andre Rieu along with performing for the Scottish leg of the BTCC and have regularly performed at Knockhill racing circuit.
In 2022 the band had the honour of being the first civilian Band to perform for the new King and Queen.
The Band are proudly affiliated with the Royal British Legion Scotland and support them both  locally and nationally.  With a number of veterans in the band we lead the annual remembrance Sunday parade through the city of Dunfermline.
The Band wear the RBL Scotland Cap badge and MacDuff Tartan.

Spielmannszug Marienloh Fife and Drum

The Spielmannszug Marienloh Fife and Drum marching band was founded in 1973.
The idea to form the Ceremony Troop with the most experienced musicians from the band
came as a result of British troop withdrawals from Paderborn garrison in 2017, when we felt
the need to preserve the memory, pomp and ceremony of the British military parades in and
around Paderborn.
To achieve this we adopted a similar look to that of the Rifle´s regiment who were based in
Paderborn for many years and also introduced the bugle as an additional instrument into our
Our uniforms are hand made by military tailors Samuel Brothers Ltd. in Aldershot and with the
addition of our own arm insignia, badges and buttons completes the anglo British-German
The Ceremony Troop Marienloh not only offers musical enjoyment, but also has its own
unique way of marching in the British Military drill formation style, resulting in a performance
which is special and pleasing to both the ear and the eye and makes for an unforgettable
experience for the watching audience.
Since April 2017 the Ceremony Troop have performed for many thousands of people on
various occasions throughout the United Kingdom and Germany. To mention a few:
´´Marienburg Tattoo Germany, Benefit shows in Llay, LLandudno North Wales, Benefits show
Cople Bedford, Lemgo Town festival & Paderborn city hall show Germany“ and many other
occasions besides were we have been well received.
The Troop founded in 2019 the International Military Tattoo Marienloh and has performed
there every year since.
The Tattoo proves to be very popular with an up close audience and involves many well
known performers and bands from the United Kingdom and Europe.
We are thrilled for the opportunity to present our new show incorporating quick marching
formations, popular marching tunes and music compositions from the United Kingdom,
France and Germany at the Belfast Military Tattoo 2024.

Pride of the Raven Flute Band

Pride of the Raven Flute Band were formed in 1968 and are one of five recognised Melody flute bands from the East Belfast area.

The band attended the Battle of the Somme 100th Anniversary in France in 2016 and will return again in August 2024.

Other notable events include appearing at the Ulster Hall and parading at The National Arboretum in Litchfield. Since the early 1980’s they

have held a charity parade annually and have donated all proceeds to worthy charities. These annual parades have resulted in

the band donating almost £120,000 to charity and wish to thank the generous public in East Belfast for their continued support.

The Officers and Members of the band are delighted to be taking part in this year’s Belfast Tattoo.

Nigel Booth. Secretary.

Moneyslane Flute Band

Announcing the attendance of Moneyslane Flute Band at the Belfast
International Tattoo 2024.

Moneyslane Flute Band was formed in 1981 in the small South Down village of
Moneyslane and it is where they practise each week.

They play a mixture of marches, hymns and traditional music using locally
made flutes from Kilkeel and drums from Rathfriland.

Their appearance is modelled on a traditional military corps of drums with their
full-dress uniform, drill boots, drum major and colours.

They perform at many different parades, concerts and gatherings right across
the six counties of Northern Ireland regularly throughout the year.

They are self-taught in all respects.

OzScot Australia

Under Dance Director Cheryl Roach OAM OzScot Australia showcases highland dancers from all states and regions of Australia and this year is no exception. The 30 strong team has been selected from all over Australia. 

The first international performance for OzScot Australia was at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland in 2002 as part of a team of international dancers from New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and Scotland to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Since that Event OzScot has continued to tour and dance throughout the World including many of the major International Tattoo Events. OzScot has enjoyed working with Solo Pipers, Big Bands, Mass Pipes and Drums including every style of music. OzScot enjoys a great blending of music and various styles of dance from across the waters renewing the strong bond enjoyed by Australia and other internationals groups and looks forward to performing in at Belfast for the first time.

This year OzScot is celebrating 21 years of touring and has performed for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo five times in Edinburgh and three times in Australia, including accepting an invitation to perform in the Spiegel Tent at the Edinburgh Festival with the Australian Military in 2012 whilst performing at the Edinburgh Tattoo. 

The Dance Group has also had the amazing opportunity to perform in Muscat Oman, five times at the Virginia Festival International Tattoo, three times at the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, Netherlands International Military Tattoo, the South Africa Tattoo, dancing with the Washington Tattoo for the 3 rd time this year and performing at Tartan Day in New York for the first time. OzScot will be joining the Basel Tattoo in Switzerland for the fifth time in July and is delighted to be performing at the Belfast Tattoo for the very first time.

OzScot is known for its innovative approach to dance, working with precision, exactitude, and sense of line. The choreography always reflects a unique blending of
traditional highland dance steps with contemporary movements providing a challenging combination for the dancer and at the same time delights the audience by the
new and unexpected. 

OzScot Teams have travelled the World to enjoy their passion of dance and performance and look forward to connecting with the Belfast Tattoo in 2024 and enjoying all
the delights that Belfast has to offer.